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How the Dylan Group Fits Into the Flexsteel Furniture Brand

If you’re in the market for a leather sofa, love seat, sleeper, recliner or sectional, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the Flexsteel brand. And if you’ve run across the Flexsteel brand, either in a store or online, you’ve probably seen the Dylan and Latitudes names on the Flexsteel pieces you’ve seen. Flexsteel? Latitudes? Dylan? ...
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Where Do Polar Bears Live?

Although polar bears are the world’s largest predators found on land, they live in a relatively small region on the globe. Polar bears can only be found in the areas surrounding the Arctic Ocean. There have been a few sighting of these magnificent animals above the latitudinal meridian of 88°, which makes biologists believe they ...
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Simply Yachts 101

Yacht’s, recreational boats are incredibly popular. Typically coming in two forms- sailing or power yachts, there is a vast array of yacht’s on the market. In recent years yachts have increased in luxury and when people speak of yacht’s the type people tend to think about is racing or cruising yachts, as opposed to the ...
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Why Rattan Is One of the Best Materials for Your Hotel’s Outdoor Furniture

Leather, iron, wood, rattan… all these are materials used to create indoor and outdoor furniture. Some people prefer the antiquated look of iron, others the classiness of leather. However, a smart choice for hotels and restaurants would be to go for materials that offer comfort to their visitors and peace of mind for their business. ...
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