Cobalt Chrome Alloys in Aerospace

The vast majority of commercially available cobalt alloys are air or argon melted since they are devoid of the highly reactive elements aluminium and titanium, whose presence requires more sophisticated and costly vacuum melting techniques. Silicon and manganese additions are used to enhance castibility in terms of alloy fluidity, melt deoxidation practice, and sulfur control. ...
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Kitchen Cabinet Costs

In planning your kitchen remodeling, the kitchen cabinets will give immediate eye appeal, provide functionality but can also be the biggest cost. Regardless of what your remodel budget is, the cabinet could easily be one half of that expense. As we wander through the cabinet section of the store, it does seem these are just ...
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Alexander and The Alchemists

INTRODUCTION: “The Christians of the Greek mainland also numbered him among the saints. Alexander is honored as the pious knight, the defender of Christendom, as yet another Byzantine hero,… Alexander’s popularity surpassed that of any of the other heroes of the ancient world. His achievements, whether real or imaginary, in all their endless variety, adorned ...
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