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Get A Taste Of The Hot and Rapidly Aspiring Alexander Lunev's Guitar & Keyboard Music

This article is all about the incredible artist Alexander Lunev, who is about to take the International music scene by storm! Musical Contribution Awards! Alexander Lunev appeared at MTV's 13th annual European Music Awards contest to receive "Best Russian Act" nomination for RMA (Regional Music Awards), held in Copenhagen on November 2nd 2006 for his ...
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Alexander Von Humboldt, Polymath and Renaissance Man

According to Charles Darwin, the Prussian explorer, geographer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt was “the greatest scientific traveler who ever lived.” In fact, it was during his famed voyages in Latin America that von Humboldt cultivated his modern scientific concepts and ideas, which garnered him prominence within the scientific community at that particular day and ...
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Improve Your Breathing Coordination With the Alexander Technique – A Brief Self-Exploration Exercise

Every moment of your life is based on your breathing. Easy, confident breathing is a birthright. The Alexander Technique can help you improve every breath you take by strengthening your diaphragm no matter your level of health or activity. From singers and athletes, to those suffering from diseases such as asthma, emphysema, COPD or cystic ...
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Here and Now

In his final novel, Island, Aldous Huxley wrote about the adventures of a shipwrecked Englishman on Pala, an imaginary island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The society on this island had evolved to the point where there was universal economic and social well-being and a high level of respect for individual rights and freedoms. Moreover, ...
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Alexander and The Alchemists

INTRODUCTION: “The Christians of the Greek mainland also numbered him among the saints. Alexander is honored as the pious knight, the defender of Christendom, as yet another Byzantine hero,… Alexander’s popularity surpassed that of any of the other heroes of the ancient world. His achievements, whether real or imaginary, in all their endless variety, adorned ...
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