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Architectural Panel Products Industries strives to make it easy and convenient for you to add the elegance and beauty of high quality wood to your applications. We have the knowledge, experience, and manufacturing capability to provide the solutions that allow your vision to come to life. Our components are processed with the exacting attention to detail and master craftsmanship that has become synonymous with the APPI name.

At APPI, we integrate the latest technological advancements and techniques to ensure our products remain at the top of the industry. We also honor our tradition of excellence by employing expert craftspeople who prioritize precision, accuracy, and consistency in each and every task.

Our precise computer-programmed beam saw can score and cut accurately and without chipping. Our saw is designed for throughput with the ability to cut through a stack of six sheets of ¾ inch thick panels at the same time. A streamlined, efficient process is important to us, and this helps you maintain your project schedule (and your budget) effectively.

Our components can be shipped slightly oversized, allowing your woodworking professionals to do the final trim. We can also ship net sized with matching edge banding already applied.

Architectural Panel Products Industries is committed to delivering the quality, consistency, and convenience you need for a successful project. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and how we can best serve you.

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APPI is uniquely suited to provide high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly prefinishing at a competitive price and in a fraction of the time normally required to produce the same finish in a spray booth. We custom manufacture prefinished edge bands that perfectly match our prefinished panels.
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