Floored Perfection

Floored Perfection

Practical first

Your choice of floor is most importantly, governed by practical issues. Rules exist on which materials fit where, as materials can be porous, slippery or noisy and potentially difficult to live with. On the other hand, with some careful planning and advice, the pores can be sealed, the smooth can be made safe and the clatter can be removed.


Where dirty feet pass and bags / prams / sports gear are unceremoniously dumped. On the other hand, the all-important entrance to your house is where people get that first impression about what to expect from your home (and indeed you and your hospitality).

You need impact combined with something that will clean easily. Choose marble for a statement, dark wooden boards for drama, birch for the clean and friendly feel, cherry for warmth or carpet for warmer still.


Stairways use runners to reduce the sound of pounding footsteps of worse still, stilettos. Bright and cheery they will attract you up and inside the house. For a traditional look they can be held in place with brass rods and brackets but for a more contemporary feel try shapely edges and vibrant floral images.


For the most part, a kitchen is no place for a carpet. However, with the size of this room expanding to incorporate considerably more than just cooking, a rug by the sofa is certainly not out of the question.

However, kitchens are most frequently covered in tile or stone – terracotta, quartz, slate, marble and limestone – a vast selection of colors and each with their own unique characteristics. Besides cost and your personal style there is little to keep you from any choice as even limestone, which has caused many issues in the past due to its porosity – especially noticeable in the cheaper stones – can now be properly sealed. Seek professional help for sealing as it is essential that it is done correctly if you want the stone to look its best in the long run.


Another no-go area for carpets is the bathroom as moisture and bacteria will lead to rot. However, for those who like to feel warm feet after their bath, under floor heating is the perfect solution for under tiles. Under floor heating can now be fitted under all types or flooring and will keep the whole room at a welcoming temperature.


If you fancy polished concrete in this room, there is no strict reason why you shouldn't but if, like most, you want a more luxurious and certainly softer floor for your boudoir then carpets and rugs are your best bet.

Living and dining rooms

Although carpets have enjoyed a revival of late, wood is still extremely popular especially hardwood boards. They add character and texture as well as a natural warmth to the room. They are ideal for the dining room, where spillages are known to happen but are equally appropriate throughout the house and can be 'broken up' with rugs to match the individual rooms.

Source by Niki Schafer

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