Custom Rubber Mouldings and Their Production for Aerospace Applications

by in Veneers. Posted March 29, 2020
Custom Rubber Mouldings Compression mouldings are the simplest, cheapest, and probably the most widespread of the three basic moulding techniques. They are ideally suited to custom rubber mouldings, small quantity production, say, from around fifty to a few thousand of each product annually. One of the keys to successful moulding is adequate removal of air ...
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The British Aerospace BAE – 146

by in Veneers. Posted March 25, 2020
I Aircraft manufacturers had, for some four decades, attempted to design the elusive DC-3 replacement with different powerplant types, including the piston-engined Convair 240/340/440 and Martin 2-0-2 / 4-0-4 series and the turboprop Vickers Viscount, Fokker F.27 Friendship, and Hawker Siddeley HS.748. The latest attempt had been made by the British aircraft industry when both ...
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Aerospace Welding

by in Veneers. Posted March 21, 2020
With aerospace brazing and aerospace soldering, the joint is effected by inserting a metal between the two metal surfaces being joined, the inserted metal having a lower melting point than that of the materials being joined. With fusion welding, the joint is effected directly between the parts being joined by the application of heat to ...
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Aerospace Polymer Sealants

by in Veneers. Posted March 17, 2020
Where people have, since the industrial revolution, used metals, nature uses polymers. Almost all biological systems are built of polymers which not only perform mechanical functions (like wood, bone, cartilage, leather) but also contain and regulate chemical reactions (leaf, veins, cells). People use these natural polymers, of course, and have done so for thousands of ...
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