Acoustical Solutions

Is sound in your space a problem? We got you! We provide you with high-end visual and acoustic solutions for any interior space. Our coverings are highly micro-perforated which allows for a high level of acoustic performance. We solve acoustic issues including high reverberation (echoes) and sound pollution caused by lack of soundproofing. Furthermore, we turn acoustic surfaces into works of art or visual brand assets for our clients. Our range of acoustic textiles offers artists and architects the tools to turn entire walls and ceilings into sound-absorbing surfaces. Not only are the wall finishes smooth and printable, they now function to create more acoustically balanced and quiet interior space.

APPI Design perforated ceilings can be used with a sound absorption sheet. This is a thermal-acoustic insulating material that is recognized for its exceptional acoustic absorbing and thermal insulating properties. Vecta Design offers 2 kinds of absorbents with a density of 25 kg/m3: the thickness of 30mm and 50mm. Sound absorption sheet contains no toxic substances, it can be handled and installed safely.

APPI Design perforated ceilings can be used in public and private places, where the intensity of sound (noise) should be reduced, for example, airports, museums, churches, night clubs, restaurants.

Additional benefits

free your creativity! we have printable and backlit translucent options.

Its antibacterial, dirt and water repellent and, it hides popcorn or damaged ceiling.

Never crack, flake or peel and, its non-flammable (US Class A).

One day clean and fast installation and its maintenance-free!.

Finishes & Limitless Design

We offer several design options, such as suspended ceilings, acoustic panels, light panels, architectural shapes, partitions, etc. Printable options are ideal for visual communication and signage as well as enhancing any decor with color, images, or graphic artwork.




Matt, Satin, Lacquer, Translucent, Metallic, Texture, Suede, Perforated, Printed

Sheet Material

Calendered Special Poly Vinyl Chloride (Free of Heavy Metal)

Physical Properties



0.15 mm to 0.2 mm (Suede 0.35mm)


Approx. 200 gms/sq,m (Suede 350 gms/sq.m)

Mechanical Properties


Breaking Strength



185 kgs/cm2


220 kgs/cms








93.5 Shore A

Light Reflection Properties


     For High Gloss Ceiling 

> 80%

     For Matt Ceiling 

< 10%

Light Transmittance Properties


     For Translucent Ceiling/Wall


     With backlighting

> 70%

Resistant to Humidity


Relative Humidity < 65%

0.30 GR/H M2 mm

Relative Humidity < 65%

0.45 GR/H.M2 mm

Thermal Properties


Dimensional Stability

-5°C to + 55°C

Thermal Coefficient

0.16 cal/m H C

Fire Safety Norms

B1/B2 in accordance to DIN 4102-1

Acoustic Properties

Reverberation Time at 125/250/500/1000/2000 hertz reduced from 1.5 s to 0.7 s with designed perforations & insulation.

Recycling Properties

1000 sq. mtr. of sheet weighs 180 kgs. In a volume of 0.1 cu.m.