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Architectural Panel Products Industries (APPI), founded in 1991, is a well-positioned, custom manufacturer of pre-finished and unfinished, high-quality wood veneer panels. Our leading products incorporate both domestic and exotic wood veneers from around the globe, delivering you the versatile range of styles you need for a successful project.

The combination of our experienced artisans, internal pre-finishing capabilities, industrial woodworking machinery, and drive to exceed expectations set us apart from other manufacturers. We will customize every detail of production to meet our customer’s individual needs for the physical dimension, performance, and aesthetic of the products. Our extensive procurement network and efficient manufacturing process allow APPI to meet design expectations at competitive prices.

Our pre-finishing process uses environmentally friendly, U.V. cured finishes are as groundbreaking as the machinery that applies them. We are experts at controlling color, texture, and gloss levels. Custom-matched stains, sealers, and top coats with gloss levels from flat 5 sheen to high gloss 90 sheens are available on any of the wood veneer panels and veneer sheets we make.

APPI’s wood veneer panels are made with all standard core options on the market including plywood, MDF, PBC, fire-rated, wood on wood 2ply, 10 and 20 mil paper back, polyback, phenolic mica back and fleece back. We are also specialists at providing lightweight alternatives including foam, honeycomb, balsa, and lower density versions of plywood and ultralight MDF.

To ensure your access to the best products on the market, all of our work is done in-house by our team of skilled and dedicated artisans. With over 100 years of combined experience, and an innovative facility in which to work, you can be sure that APPI will deliver up to your high standards. Every time. Without exception.

Since our founding, APPI has prioritized the sourcing, manufacture, and delivery of the highest quality panels, veneers, substrates, and components. But equally important is our mission of satisfying each customer and providing an exceptional experience. It is our goal to become more than a supplier of world class products; we want to become a trusted partner as you navigate the complexities of your project. From ordering, fulfillment, and delivery to special orders and customization, we are here every step of the way.

APPI was built on a foundation of excellence. Every day, and with every valued customer, we continue to build on that by delivering industry-leading products and unparalleled service.

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