APPI is proud to be the North American Trade Partner with JAF.  Our webshop is a major evolution in online veneer selection and specification. 12 million square meters of veneer, 190 types of wood, and around 1.2 million veneer surfaces of current, live inventory can be viewed immediately from the link below. Every front and the rear surface is shown in high-resolution images. In a matter of just seconds, you can scan through all the pictures by setting various filters: for example the origin, type of wood, color, or length. A summary of the results will be shown according to your search criteria.

A magnifying glass function provides an in-depth view and shows the individuality of the veneers in detail. In this way, the precise structure of every individual composite can be identified and assessed. This means we can guarantee that there will be no surprises on delivery. Then within a short time, our customers receive their quotation and price information.
Wherever you are, APPI is there with you: putting in the miles on the road, e-mails with large image files and long download times a thing of the past  – which means enormous time savings.