Ebony Macassar # 603-00-XV

Ebony Macassar # 603-00-XV

Brookside Veneers, Produced by Alpi Spa.

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Composite veneers are also referred to as engineered or reconstituted veneers. Composite veneer is real wood veneer made with a technique using color dyes and special pressing machinery to alter the aesthetic of the wood such that it resembles another species.

The base wood is typically Ayous or Poplar. These are both fast growing and sustainable timber species. This technique of veneer production yields even more consistency of appearance than natural veneers. Composite veneer is a cost-effective way of replicating the appearance of rare timbers. The aesthetic qualities of composite veneers are tailored to a specific appearance, but otherwise these are still real woods.

Be aware that the color of composite veneers will evolve over time and with exposure to ultraviolet light, just as wood veneers and hardwood options do. Some dye colors are more reactive to ultraviolet light than others.


At Architectural Panel Products Industries, we understand how important it is to integrate effective sustainability practices into our procurement and manufacturing processes. Depleting natural resources to the point of deforestation or scarcity benefits no one. At the same time, we understand that your project requires the highest level of quality and, in many cases, the look and feel of real wood. Our composite veneers are designed to meet these needs – beautifully, cost-effectively, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Please browse our selection of composite veneers below. You will see an exceptional range of possibilities. Rest assured that these are all carefully processed, and we are able to control gloss level, texture, and other aesthetic qualities with precision. One hundred percent of our work is done in house, and we take our responsibility of providing exceptional, market leading solutions seriously.

When you have a vision in mind, you do not have to compromise. APPI is able to deliver composite veneer products that offer all of the quality, durability, consistency, and beauty you need for a successful project. Consult with our team to learn more and to discover the solutions that meet your unique requirements.

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