Architectural Panel Reveals

APPI Trims and Reveals provide a modern aesthetic for all types of architectural, interior panels that provides a ½”, ¾” or 1” depth to accommodate and connect each material type.

Available in a variety of design languages including reveal, post, return flange or integrated with LED lighting.

With finishes ranging from clear to color anodized, as well as standard and custom-matched powder coat paint, our APPI Trims and Reveals can be custom-curated for any palette.

Architectural Panel Reveals

Post-Install/Termination 1/8
APPT 12550
APPT 12575
APPT 125100

Post Install/Termination 1/4
APPT 2550
APPT 2575
APPT 25100

Reveal &
Reveal F
APR 5050
APR 7550
APR 10050