Flexible Veneers

APPI’s flexible wood veneer sheets are available in seven configurations with matching edgebanding . Flexible sheets are commonly used for radius work. Depending on the backer used, our flexible sheets are mechanically rolled to thinner dimensions, allowing them to bend to tighter radii and reduce cracking. Prefinishing is available on all of APPI’s flexible wood veneer sheet products.

2Ply – Wood on Wood

Our wood on wood 2PLY veneer is made with a wood veneer face, film glue center, and a perpendicular grain wood veneer back. The perpendicular face to back construction allows our 2-ply veneer to bend over moderate curves in the face grain direction and over tight curves across the face. This product is easily rolled up and affordably shipped in standard corrugated boxes.

3 Ply – Wood Back

Our 3Ply wood backed veneer is made with a robust paper cross band sandwiched between a wood veneer face and wood veneer back. This sheet is thicker and stiffer than 2Ply. The extra thickness helps the wood veneer face have a more consistent look when applied to a substrate that is not perfectly flat.

PaperBack (10 mil, 20mil, 30 mil paperback)

A paperbacked veneer is a wood veneer face that is permanently bonded to a paper backing. This backing is applied to help hold together the wood grains which are otherwise more fragile and also helps with expansion and contraction of the wood caused by changes in ambient humidity. Paper backing is normally either 10 mils or 20 mils thick. A mil is 1/1000 of an inch. Please note that the wood veneer face will add additional thickness to the assembly. 10 mil backing is the default standard. The 20 mil version is normally used where the substrate is less than perfectly flat and the extra paper thickness helps the wood veneer have a more consistent look after application

Phenolic Mica back

Our phenolic backed wood veneers are made with the same backing as HPL high pressure laminate, but with a beautiful wood veneer face. Phenolic backing is thicker and stiffer than our other flexible backings.


Our Polybak backed wood veneers are attached to a polymer resin backer which is flexible and offers extra durability and stability. Polybak is a great alternative to phenolic backing that is stiffer and can be prone to cracking. Polybak backing contains no added formaldehyde and is a class A flame spread rated backing. Carpenters and furniture makers often find this easier to use than paperback veneers.

Fleece Back

This is the same backing material used for standard edge banding. Under high pressure and heat, fleece is affixed to wood veneers. The result is a stable composite material that is significantly easier to work with than an ordinary veneer.

Edge Banding

Edge banding is a thin material used to seal the exposed and raw edges of the plywood. Edge banding is mainly applied to cover edges in order to match the other surfaces, but it also helps stability by limiting expansion and contraction from humidity through an exposed edge. US and popular exotic wood veneer species are available in unfinished rolls either with or without glue. Custom prefinished edge band is made to order in standard widths and also 8’ to 10’ long strips.