Lighting Solutions

Modern interior design begins with lighting. Aside from being the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly choice, LED lighting allows for unparalleled design versatility. Well-designed lighting effects are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also enhance the art, the mood, and your mind when you’re in space.

In our photokinetic art installations, LEDs can be controlled individually or in groups, allowing for dynamic color and light distribution. Our lighting designer collaborates closely with the graphic artist to program the software to perform light shows which enhance the visual impact of the backlit installation.

Whether you have existing fixtures or want to add more light to your spaces, we’ve got a solution: reinstall your current lighting fixtures on our covering, without damaging it, and/or incorporate new ones with whatever design you like without the hassle of repairing the ceiling after the electrical work is done: all imperfections and electrical work are covered by our stretch materials. We won’t perforate your concrete! By only going 1” down from your current ceiling, we can install any lighting design you require, such as spotlights, LED, etc.

Lighting Options